Cover of UCLA vs. USC: 75 Years of the Greatest Rivalry in Sports, 2004
Book size: 9" x 10.5"
Client: Los Angeles Times Books

From the back cover of UCLA vs. USC:

There are many great college sports rivalries across the country, but none matches the overall magnitude of USC-UCLA.

Alabama-Auburn, Michigan-Ohio State, Cal-Stanford are storied football rivalries. But when it comes to across-the-board competition in every sport, USC-UCLA stands alone.

It's the only football rivalry between two major universities in the same city. With campuses less than 12 miles apart, it's often friend against friend, brother against brother and family against family.

And what makes the rivalry in every sport even more intense is the level of competition.

Between them, the two schools have combined to win 219 team national championships, more than the entire Atlantic Coast Conference. They have also produced 732 Olympians (392 from UCLA and 340 from USC) who have won a total of 412 medals, more than Canada and Mexico combined.

As former UCLA football coach Red Sanders said, playing USC is not a matter of life or death, "it's more important than that."