Guide / Edel Rodgriguez

Sales/Catalog Cover, 2008
Client: Warner Bros. Records
Illustration: Edel Rodriguez

The Guide was Warner Bros. and its associated labels’ new release catalog. It was published monthly at one time, but in its last year (2008) only three editions were put out. It featured every CD, LP and/or DVD the company put out in that release period. Once upon a time, there was an accompanying CD sampler (some covers of which can be seen here) released with the catalog.

As art director, I invited a different illustrator to do the cover art for each release book. The only requirement, creatively speaking, was that the image have something to do with Music. I’m showing but a few of the covers that have been done; this modest sampling should give you an idea of the range and quality of artwork that has been published thus far. Many of the illustrators have won awards for their Guide covers.

The last Guide page listed on the menu to your left is an example of the catalog pages.

Special note: Print magazine featured this project in its March/April 2007 issue. See the menu on the left for a link to the article in PDF format.